March 13, 2008

cipeng kusayang pergi saat hujan..

on wednesday march 12th '08.. in a rainy day.. a cat named "cipeng" choose to leave this world forever..

no word.. no msg or letter.. he just go in an early morning.. before i wakeup.. he can't stand anymore.. a fever has attack him since 2 month..

when his sick.. he is not chuby anymore.. very quite and lazy.. his movin' was so slow and has an ugly "meowth".. his eyes so "sendu" and his sounds "groookh..groookh"..

his kinda hugable cat.. cowerd and stupid.. haha.. he is a funny cat.. i love him..

but he is go now.. i'll never see his stupid face again.. huhu..

gud bye peng..

mwa mwa..

1 comment:

ninadewe said...

huwaaaaa... mati jg ya akhirnya kucing mu??? oh.. kasihan.. oh..