January 09, 2008

I'm Mulan..

You are the self-made princess and the epitome of the modern woman. Beautiful and refined, you are capable of saving any situation, be it your family or your country. You don't need a prince to save your ass. The damsel in distress situation does not apply to you. Your true love is whoever is strong enough to match your intellect. In other words your prince doesn't pick you, you pick him. You're Mulan!


ninadewe said...

jadi ncam, sudahkah dirimu merasakan bibir seseorang??? hahaha..
jawab napa?????
jawaban mu sungguh tidak menepati pertanyaan ku..

..nindya.. said...

huehehhe... ada de.... rahasia.. tar pas makan di mie jogja ajah... hehehehe.. xp