August 30, 2007

1fact... 2fact... 3fact ................... 8fact.. ups...

du, here's the fact...
  • i do sayang "D'ql"
  • i am broken.. not so bad.. but it's broken..
  • i'm still thinking about him a whole day.. (*cape de.. ;p)
  • i miss every moment that we've share 2gether.. (*males bgt kn..)
  • i always passing trough a place that we used to eat.. and wish he were there.. (*how stupid..)
  • i am sad du..
  • i want "D'ql" back..
  • i miss "D'ql".. a lot..
well,i've tell u everything.. i know u have negative perception about him..
but this is what i feel.. i can't hold this anymore..

u can left comment here.. just here.. in a word by typing..

*i dunno why i post dis.. maybe just another stupidity of me..


ninadewe said...

ralat : *i dunno why i post dis.. maybe just the another of my stupidly.. - - maybe just another stupidity of me *hehe..

komen aqw :

dun hv to feel sorry for yourself about how u feel or how u love sum1 badly or anything. its all up 2 u. u know wuts da best 4 u. nobody can blame u for lovin him. i dun blame u and i dun say that u r stupid for lovin him. i dun hv bad perception too about him. i juz dunno him. i know him from ur story. i nvr had a chance *which i dun wanna hv 1,haha.. to know him. like u said, we cant judge sum1 over a story. n like i've told u.. love is blind. juz enjoy it ;p

p/s. apa yg broken? duit? hati?

..nindya.. said...

huhu.. i wanna cry when read u'r comment.. hiks hiks..

thanks for d' ralat.. ;)

ya ati la.. scr dompet aq ga pernah kluar.. ;p